Sibutramine Found in Diet Pills

We cannot stress enough how important it is that individuals who wish to lose weight are informed of the ingredients in their treatments and the potential safety hazards these may pose. Sadly, the recall of herbal treatments appears to be a continuous problem that the FDA is tackling. The most recent treatment to be recalled is Bethel Nutritional Consulting weight loss supplements. Here we explain the reason behind the recall.

The treatment, which goes by the name Best Slim, was recalled due to the fact that sibutramine was found to be one of the ingredients in the treatment. Readers of our blog should be well aware of the associated risks with sibutramine, such as its potentially severe effects on cardiovascular health. Despite this, the treatment was said to have no side-effects and contain natural ingredients. Due to the action from FDA, the treatment has now been withdrawn from stores and online outlets.

Although it is hard to hide our frustration with individuals being put at risk, we are still glad that there is an agency that actively looks into this area to ensure that it is safe. The importance of safety is one of the key reasons behind the heavily controlled and lengthy clinical trials are carried out and why clinicians stress the importance of evidence based treatments.

For individuals who are battling obesity, it may seem as if no treatment ever works and we can empathise with how disheartening that can be. And, to be fair there are times when certain supplements can be useful. Having said that, we would still urge anyone considering alternative treatments to research them as much as possible. Sibutramine was withdrawn in the EU a number of years ago. More can be read about this matter here -